Fashion Article No 2 | TogWears

I always wonder that what changes Fashion could bring in life. I wear a simple and elegant glamorous dress or go for classy and sophisticated fashion mania one. The choice is never easy. Simply put, the design with the artistic touches is not the only thing, there are many aspects that help to get your final selection.
·        Traditional dress of shalwar qameez (attire) for upcoming season
·        Traditional dress with modern blending in Pajamas for summer
·        Glamorous cat walk dresses that look so awesome on magazines and TV channels
·        Following the Fashion trends, dresses that are ,’in’ now days

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts go so fast. Fashion is instant language.
-Miuccia Prada

Pakistani culture, fashion industry, style icons, celebrity are all emerged into finding the right Fashion that go with their personality and look good on them. Let us Fashion-alayze (A term I use when I do fashion-analysis)

It also involves many factors that a girl should be choosing from
1.     Compatibility- Is this dress compatible for my body shape?
 It is important that you completely understand the dress compatibility and your body shape. If the two are not going along well, a perfect wear could turn into an average looking one. The simple way to go here is the formula of, ‘Always go with the flow.’ If the dress suits you, your body shape, and it has the ‘WoW’ factor, than the choice is made simple.
2.     Affordability- Do you think that you can afford to buy and add few ‘fashion touches’ easily?
 This is another critical decision that you as a girl, has to make. Imagine, you follow up an amazing dress from our website, Togwears, and then you purchase it, have it ready to wear in an up-coming party. Now, one of your friend suggests that few things are missing in the dress. Or, you buy a beautiful watch and you need to purchase a matching handbag to complete the circle of glamour and fashion. Wait a minute, if you have not pre-managed your budget or affordability, you wouldn’t be able to buy the accessories needed for this fashion quest to be completed. Therefore, an affordable approach is vital and absolute.
3.     Adaptability Do you think that this fashion product is adaptable to the season, occasion and ultimately to your personality?
Considering that you prefer cultural heritage of Pakistan, for example classical and traditional fashion is your choice; you will have to understand the adaptability of your choice to the event you are going on. Let it be a wedding, or some birthday party or a casual walk out in the city. All this depends on your fashion product’s adaptability and your ability to harmonize for great results.

1.1.1.  Fashion is a way of life. A simple but relevant fashion product can emphasis on your life-style and how the people around you perceive it.
1.1.2.  A handbag may have plenty of designs, plenty of styles, glamorous or non-glamorous, but the selection should be simply upon the,’ Fashion suitability and Trends’ that it reflects. Simply put, up-dated stuff always looks good on you.
1.1.3.  The personality charm is as important as Fashion karma. When you and your fashion mingle in a perfect manner, you are Fashion-ed(Meaning it is a great combination of your fashion product and your personality)
1.1.4.  Glamour is key. The more glamour you pour into your fashion selection, and of course, it should be matching- then your overall image goes to new heights, the fashionable image I mean.

Be fashion smart and rule the world, be fashion-alayze and enjoy the glamour and class a right fashion product may offer you. Live happily!