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Fashion should be something that in the morning, when you open your window, you say, 'Oh fantastic, sun!' Then you take your shower, you say, 'OK fantastic, which color I wear today because I feel happy?' This should be fashion.

In our study, we talked with both male and female quick form customers matured somewhere around twenty and thirty-five in Hong Kong and Canada all alone thoughts of style and design, to highlight the issues included in their way to deal with utilization.
Snatch some jeans or a dress that you cherish on her. In case you're at her home, go to her storage room and take out the things that compliment her shape. Discover diverse pieces, for example, dresses and work apparel to workout wear and easygoing outfits that look great on her.
·         Clarify why the other outfit looks great on her versus the one she has on now. Dissect appealing outfits and recognize why she looks awesome in every piece. Case in point, you may adore her in V-necks or straight leg pants on the grounds that they compliment her shoulders or legs. Issue her samples and why you like specific pieces on her.

·         Turn the tables. When in doubt and you frenzy, attempt to get her to answer her own inquiry. It's brassy however it might simply work. When she inquires as to whether she looks fat in an outfit react by curiously saying, "Great what do you think?" Followed by, "Do you like the outfit or would you possibly like to have a go at something else?"

·         Take cover behind what benefits appear. Bring up one highlight that you do like about the outfit, if there is anything. Not to confound the circumstance, you could distinguish some recovering highlights the outfit offers. For instance, in the event that you think the attire is well-made, advise her you like the nature of the fabric and sewing. The downside to this methodology is that she'll likely notice you've not said anything about what she looks like and this may sting.

·         There's dependably the unvarnished truth. There are two or three potential outcomes here. One is that she's overweight, and she's got the chance to be watchful how she dresses. She knows she's not a stick figure, and imagining she is could simply recommend to her that you have a spine of jam.

·         On the off chance that the outfit makes her look fat, say "Yes, its not a decent look on you. Attempt that dark number you had on prior that looked vastly improved on you."

Fashion is the only key for her. The other plausibility is that she's not overweight; she's only shaky about her looks. All things considered, simply say something like "Actually no, not at all. You have a heavenly body, and basically anything you wear looks great." If you simply don't care for the dress, you can proceed with "Now that different dress you had on a couple of minutes prior was an amazing thing to see andexperience, isn’t it?